The Miracles of Your Mind

The Miracles of Your Mind

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Harness the infinite power of your Subconscious mind whether you wish to overcome a bad habit, become successful, have harmonious relationships or achieve your long cherished goal, you subconscious mind can guide you to accomplish that. Inn this book, Dr. Joseph Murphy expands the theory about the latent power of your Subconscious mind; and how this power can be used to improve every aspect of your life. The miracles of your mind provides you with: · The tools that will open up the infinite power of your Subconscious mind · tips on how to harness of the power of mind · The technique of awakening your dormant wisdom · Simple ways to make your subconscious mind work for you to resolve various life issues and obstacles follow the guidelines mentioned in this book to harness of the power of mind, and invite happiness and prosperity into your lives.

Joseph Murphy is an Irish born, American writer and Minister. He is the writer of many famous books, like Peace within Yourself, Pray Your Way Through it, Within You is the Power and many more. Born in 1898, he studied to be a priest and later moved to the USA to become a pharmacist. He was ordained as the New Thought Minister for Religious Science and Divine Science. Joseph Murphy died in 1981.

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