The Golden Tap: The Inside Story of Hyper Funded Indian Startups

The Golden Tap: The Inside Story of Hyper Funded Indian Startups

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Paste or type your HTML here and click to previewEver wondered why global investors are willing to write million dollar cheques to young and inexperienced entrepreneurs? Why are companies no longer judged on their ability to make profits? Why the valuation of a startup can dwarf that of its well-established counterpart? Is it a bubble? Or have the rules of the game changed?

Can these hyper-funded; technology driven companies become global superpowers? Or is it an unsustainable phenomenon? The Golden Tap gives you the answers.

In a remarkably honest, no holds barred account; Kashyap – himself a serial entrepreneur – demystifies the technology ecosystem that exists in India today. From the origins of Amazon and Google, to the remarkable growth of Flipkart and Ola, he meticulously plots and chronicles a connected global sequence of events.

Set in this background he recounts his personal roller coaster of a life. A story filled with ambition, greed, vanity, fear and success that all young entrepreneurs can relate to.

Is this the business model of the future? Or merely a game of poker played by master investors? The answers pour out of The Golden Tap.

The Golden Tap is a once in a generation chronicle of one of the most exciting times for the Indian economy. During the era chronicled by Kashyap Deorah; the technology startup revolution got started, had a slowdown, and then saw an amazing rise through to where we are today in 2015. What makes this an even more fascinating read is that Kashyap had a front row seat to most of the people, companies, and events that led to the entire cycle. Once you pick this up, its hard to put it down. This is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the mindset of founders, investors, and the larger market as a whole. Many years from now, when my kids ask me about the tech revolution in India, this will be the book I’d point them to. –By Miten Sampat on 16 November 2015

As a young, first-time entrepreneur myself, following Kashyap Deorah for a while, I was looking to forward to reading his book The Golden Tap . Having started up in early 2013, I have been through the different phases of the recent startup phenomenon in the beginning of the hyper-growth phase, the peak and now what is increasingly being recognized as the bust, or at least a correction. I had initially not been able to wrap my head around some of the same questions that he talks about why are these companies valued so high, why are investors putting in such huge amounts of money in them, and what is the possible future of these startups in the Indian economy. It had taken me a long time to get to some perspective on these myself, but if someone is looking to understand this phenomenon thoroughly, I could not recommend a better book than this. Starting from the beginning of the internet in early 1990s, it takes you through an amazing journey of the tech industry in India. From early days of the 2000s to the beginning of e-commerce in India and the current hyper-growth phase, this book will give you a thorough understanding of how this industry has taken shape, and what is the possible future from here. There are some really insightful sections which explain how the VCs and global hedge funds operate, especially for those who are not in this industry, and more insights from Kashyap s own experience of building and selling companies in both India and US. If you are an Indian entrepreneur today, specially in the internet/smartphone industry, I think this is one of the books you absolutely MUST read in the next 1-2 months, because it can shape your understanding and perception of the global tech and VC industry in so many ways. The only way to predict the future is if you know the past really well, and this book does a really good job of explaining that. –By Kovid Kapoor on 14 December 2015

Marvelous book that takes you though 20 years of technology startup industry, booms and bursts, spanning powai valley to mountain view to everything in between. Author takes you through the insides of deal making, team building, networking, technology innovation, campus life and whatever else it takes, to make it in technology startups, he walks you through this both as a professional keenly observing what is happening around him and as a first person account of his journey of entrepreneurial triumph. Book provides a good reference to build ones understanding of what keeps the startup economy tick, with authors own way of looking at it. Towards the second half, book is more India focused, particularly on what has been happening from last couple of years. While media tells you what they choose to or what suits them, author lays is bare before you. I loved the end where author rewards his reader with many incites into what future could hold, potential path for wannabe entrepreneurs. A honest and good book , definitely recommended. –By somesh on 23 November 2015

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