Dynamic Cookwares, Premium Flat Bottom Cast Iron Kadhai 10 inch with Smooth Cooking Surface.

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Product Description

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As a manufacturer of cast iron with an over 30-year heritage, we perform rigorous quality control on all our products. Metallurgical analysis is performed to ensure that only the highest quality products enter the market.

Machine Polished Concentric Cooking Surface

At Dynamic Cookwares, we believe in producing products of the utmost quality. Every product that flows through our manufacturing line is cared for and polished to perfection. Unlike other cast iron products, we machine our Kadai to arrive at a concentric finish that better absorbs and retains the factory baked seasoning for years. The Kadais eye-catchy design and the polished concentric cooking surface will look stunning on your kitchen set.

Flat Peak on the Curved Kadai Surface

The flat peak on the curved bottom of the Kadai makes it a unique piece of cast iron Kadai which is induction compatible. Also, it makes the overall heft of the pan feel more balanced when cooking on a flat induction surface.

Unique Patent-pending design

Dynamic Cookwares Cast Iron Kadai is a product of hours of research and development. The end result is a stunning piece of cast iron cookware that is functional and alluring at the same time. The hefty design of the Kadai makes it ideal for Indian and Continental delicacies.

Natural Non-Stick

The Kadai is cast with the highest quality iron ore and baked with cold-pressed organic gingelly oil, forming a natural non-stick layer on the surface. Food doesn’t stick to the Kadai because of superior quality iron and our seasoning technique. The Kadai requires less seasoning effort upfront as it is already pre-seasoned – locking all those layers of organic oil into the concentric pan surface.

Heavy Cooking Base

Probably the most important part of Dynamic Cookwares cast iron cookware is its weight – Heavier the cookware, better the heat retention property. This heaviness is multi-purpose and functional – It allows for the slow cooking process that is very essential for retaining the nutritional value of the food, and even heat distribution to prevent the burning of food in the middle of the Kadai – This is what differentiates Dynamic Cookwares from the competition.

Built for over the stove, electric induction, convection oven, and campfire use

Dynamic Cookwares Kadais are versatile and can be used on a variety of heat sources. It can be used on everyday household gas stoves, electric induction, convection oven and for the outdoor adventurer on a campfire. Built for versatility and built to last.

Variety of delicacies

Cook & Roast – An assortment of fried vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes

And a lot more…. Imagination is the only limit.

An Heirloom

With proper care and usage, Dynamic Cookwares Cast Iron Kadai is an heirloom that can be passed down for generations.

Dynamic Innovations

Dynamic InnovationsDynamic Innovations

Heavy Design (3.00Kg) : For even heat distribution and effortless cooking.

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