Practical Boiler Operation Engineering & Power

Practical Boiler Operation Engineering & Power

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Preface 1. Fundamentals 2. Heat transfer methods 3. Fuel and combustion 4. Properties of steam 5. Boiler feedwater Chemistry 6. Introduction to boiler 7. Fuel handling system 8. Air path 9. Feedwater path 10. Steam path 11. Flue gas path 12. Ash handling system 13. Operation of boiler 14. Pipes, tubes and fittings 15. Pipe fittings and ancillaries 16. Steam turbine 17. Auxiliary system of steam turbine 18. Operation of steam turbine 19. Generator 20. Commissioning of power plant 21. Maintenance of power plant 22. Control and Instrumentation 23. Scope of energy conservation in thermal power plants 24. Environmental and safety aspects of thermal power plant calculations or numerically appendices I:
Unit conversion II: various pipelines used at thermal power plant III: syllabus for BOE examination IV: important information on power generation index.

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