I’m A Shareholder Kit: The Basics About Stocks – For Kids/Teens

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Why bother giving a kid a book they won’t read? I’m A Shareholder is TOTALLY different! Awarded the NAPPA Honors in the Parent Resource category, it’s colorful, it’s fun, and it’s the ONLY kids book that can be coupled with owning stock.

The book includes a coupon for $20 OFF their 1st share of stock in a company they love. Whether it’s a single share of stock from GiveAshare.com or stock held in a brokerage account, this award-winning book along with the experiences that come with true stock ownership breaks through the clutter to teach kids about the stock market and managing money.

Each mailing from THEIR company becomes a learning opportunity: a dividend check, an annual report, a voting proxy, or an invitation to THEIR company’s shareholder meeting. I’m A Shareholder guides the reader through the whole experience in an entertaining way that teaches skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.

This innovative book was made possible by a collaboration between subject matter experts, educators, illustrators, and of course, KIDS.

The The 2018 update keeps content fresh, current, and relevant to today’s events.

I was so impressed with this innovative kit that we started using it in our financial literacy training curriculum. Our kids love it! Coupling this kit with true one share ownership in a company that a kid loves (like Nike, Nintendo, or Facebook) is really powerful! GiveAshare.com makes it easy to do. The unique approach has an impact that will last a lifetime. I would recommend it to any parent who is searching for a fun way to help their kids. –Milton Brown, Founder & CEO, Good Choices, Inc.

I work in the financial services industry and have copies of this book to give out to parents. It s vivid colors, fun graphics and engaging activities is an excellent source for helping parents explain basic investment concepts to their children. Highly recommended, great teaching tool. –Robert Bacarella, Portfolio Manager at Monetta Mutual Funds

I have two young boys and have had a nightmare of a time trying to explain to them how I earn a living, how I make money buying and selling shares of stock, and why anyone on Earth would actually take the time to read what I write about it. Every time I am typing on the computer, my youngest son thinks that I am playing a video game online. My oldest sees framed stock shares of famous companies on the wall in my office, but he doesn t understand why they are there or what they really represent. I struggled to tell them. I did that is until I was given a copy of GiveAShare.com s I m A Shareholder Kit For Kids. While it is called a kit, it is a book geared towards teaching young people age seven to seventeen and older what stocks are, why we own them, and how and why they should be doing the same. The I m A Shareholder Kit is a great first book for a child who wants to learn about stocks or for a parent who is clueless on how to teach the subject of stock ownership to their children. –Hank Coleman, Founder Own the Dollar, Personal Finance Blog

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