Forge your Future

Forge your Future

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“Forge your Future” is a well written novel by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Dr. Kalam had to overcome various obstacles since humble childhood to becoming the president of India. The story contains Dr. Kalam interactions with various people through emails, face to face meetings and on Facebook, who discussed their problems with him and sought for solutions. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam received near about 300 emails every day and he took out time to read those emails and revert with the best possible solutions.

The book has the questions that had been asked to Dr. Kalam over years. Dr. Kalam has written in the book that while “answering these questions, I realized that what we call problems may probably be a result of the way we ‘process’ events and situations in our lives and everything that happens in our world. ‘Process’ means the way we perceive, think or react about them.” Change the way of ‘process’ and you will get the solution on your own. Dr. Kalam’s answers were based on the experiences he had learnt from his life or by interacting with political & spiritual leaders or from reading books. Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam also said that “It does not matter where you start from or what you have achieved till date, the important thing is that, from this point onwards, you decide what you want and work towards creating your own future.

This is the message I want to convey through this book and if it can inspire even one young person to achieve his or her dream, I will feel that my effort has been truly worth it.” Kalam had resolved various problems and the book may have solution to your problem as well, as the replies in the book are provided in a way that anyone undergoing similar issues can get resolution. Also, get to know about other people’s problem, may be they have overcome worse situations than you.

About the author:

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, a famous name round the world. His achievements and simplicity had successfully been able to wins the heart of many people. He was the 11th president of India. During his tenure from 2002 to 2007 he was also known as “The People’s President”. He was also honoured by the three highest civilian’s awards that i.e. The Padma Bhushan Award, The Padma Vibhushan Award and The Bharat Ratna Award.

A unique way of solution and answer to the questions we face all around. This book has great collections of motivating incidents and tough times people faced, still they did overcome through these tough times. One can learn a lot from this book. –By Lakshya Kumar on Apr 20, 2015

This book has change my life and way of thinking in daily routine life professional as well personal. Few principle are adopted from this books, can sure make me successful in my professional career patch. Thanks for releasing such thought thru this book, will make realised our youth generation in their daily routine life profession as well as personal. It will sure make our India very successful as youth Country. –By Ramesh Nanavare on Feb 14, 2015

Really Candid,Forthright,Inspiring! ‘Killing Time is not murder but Suicide,If You waste Time….Time wastes you.’these are some of the inspiring sentences of the worthy masterpiece. It’s indeed a life changing book to be bought blindly,Kalam sir shares his experience of tackling the common catastrophic situations which produces wisdom inside us. –By Shbhranshu shaurya on 11 November 2014

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